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Humania receives a Distinction Award from the Groupe Entreprise en Santé

November 13, 2017Individual insurance, group insurance and representatives


Humania Assurance recently received the 2017 Distinction Award from the Groupe Entreprise en Santé thanks to its innovative project, "The Dragons".

This distinction recognizes the implementation of best management practices and confirms that the health and well-being of staff is an integral part of the company's culture.

With this in mind, Humania implemented the "Dragons" project, which aimed to encourage employees to submit ideas for improving work processes or the workplace in general.

Similar to the program "Dragon's Den", employees had to compete with ingenuity and persuasion to convince "The Dragons", members of the management committee, made up of the President and CEO. , vice-presidents and the director, human resources, of the potential of their project.

Employees appreciated management's interest in their ideas.

A project to do again!


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