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HuGO Life

A radically different process

HuGO will analyze your risk profile, asking only relevant questions tailored to your particular situation.

The goal: accept your application quickly with the least requirements possible.

Because you deserve the best
Because you deserve the best

Three ways to issue

Instant issue
Personalized questionnaire
Instant issue
Personalized questionnaire analyzed by our expert underwriting team

With HuGO, you can have it all

  • Save time: majority insured on the spot (more than 65%) in less than 45 minutes. Many in 15 minutes or less.
  • Personalized underwriting, no automatic requirements up to $1M.
  • Web based, paper free, no application signature


  • Various terms to meet all life insurance needs.
  • Flexibility: Renewable, Convertible, Exchangeable.
  • Up to $5M.
  • Dependent Child Life Insurance Rider.


  • Competitive.
  • Two renewal options: Gold and Platinum.

Many choices of terms

You may choose flexible terms (10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years) with guaranteed and renewable premiums. Coverage to age 80 with leveled premium is also available.

If your needs change, you could exchange your policy for a longer term or convert it in a permanent one (T100) without insurability proof.

Contact your financial security advisor to get more information on a life insurance tailored to your needs.

Calculate your premium right now!

Documentation and tools

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