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Get a distribution contract with Humania Assurance

You must have an active distribution contract to distribute our products.

Do you have a distribution contract with Humania Assurance?

Step 1 - Having an active distribution contract with one of our partner firms

Any representative who wishes to distribute our products must have an active distribution contract with one of our partner firms.
Please make sure that your MGA is on this list before sending us your signed contract.

List of our partner firms

  • Cabinet d'Assurance Banque Nationale Inc.
  • Groupe Financier Odyssée inc.
  • Groupe Cloutier Assurances Inc.
  • Multicourtage inc.
  • Groupe Financier Botica inc.
  • Groupe Robillard CGL inc.
  • Union 2005 / Centre de services financiers Union 2005 inc.
  • Copoloff / Courtiers d'assurance-vie Rate Watchers Ltée
  • Prospero-assurance Inc.
  • Groupe Financier Horizons / Financial Horizons Inc.
  • Les  Assurances Hollis Inc
  • AFL Groupe Financier Inc 
  • Mica Services Financiers Inc.
  • Agence d'assurance-vie Manuel Smith Ltée
  • Groupe Agenz Inc. 
  • Financial Horizons Incorporated
  • Oriana Wealth Management Ltd
  • WCS Financial Services Inc.
  • Qualified Financial Services Inc.
  • Desjardins Réseau Indépendant Assurances Inc
  • Aurrea Assurances Inc.
  • Proflex
  • Barron's Financial Advisory Services Ltd.
  • Punjab Insurance inc. Ontario
  • Punjab Insurance Inc. BC
  • Ontario East Insurance Agency Ltd.
  • Life Management Financial Corp Ltd.
  • WealthLink Financial Services Inc.
  • LSM Insurance Services Ltd.
  • MGA Canada Inc.
  • IDC Worldsource Insurance Network
  • Hub Financial Inc.
  • PPI Solutions  
  • The Gryphin Advantage Inc.
  • Customplan Financial Advisors Inc.
  • Canada Loyal Insurance Agency Limited
  • Humania Assurance
  • Services Financiers Millette Mont-Laurier Inc
  • IFC Financial Inc.
  • CF Canada Financial Group Inc
  • Experior Financial Group Inc
  • Kabis & Associates Inc
  • Paradigm Financial Advisors inc
  • Paradigm Financial Advisors (North) inc
  • Parenthèses Services Financiers Inc (Universitas)

Step 2 - Complete our contract

Please download, complete and sign the distribution contract below. To avoid any delays in processing your request, remember to return your duly completed contract to your MGA, who must also sign it, and return it, along with all the supporting documents, by mail.

Distribution contract

Step 3 - Activate your account

Once Humania Assurance has approved your distribution contract, you will receive an email at the address you provided in your contract, prompting you to create and activate an online profile so that you can begin selling our products. It may take up to 10 business days to process your file.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team:

Western and Central Canada

Roberta Lust, National Sales Director, Western and Central Canada

Jason Broadfoot, Regional Sales Manager, British Columbia

Kaitlin Lindsay, Sales Representative, Ontario and Manitoba

Sales Representative, Ontario and Manitoba

Quebec and East of Canada

Amélie Jodoin, National Sales Director, Quebec and East of Canada
1-800-363-1334, ext. 206

Charles Tremblay, Sales Manager
1-800-363-1334, ext. 290

Elisabeth Landry, Sales Manager
1-800-363-1334, ext. 280

Caroline Daniel, Sales Representative
Extension: 325

Isabelle Parent, Provincial Representative, Web Conversion
Extension: 377

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