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Quick and Easy Hospitalization Insurance
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Prohealth Hospitalization Insurance

Hospitalization Insurance for Children, Adults and Seniors

Did you know that when you are hospitalized due to an illness or accident, some expenses will not be covered by your group insurance or the public health insurance plan?

Because you deserve the best
Because you deserve the best

Humania Assurance expanded the portfolio with Hospitalization Insurance.

You will be able to choose a protection adapted to your needs for up to $150 per day of hospitalization.

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  • Unlimited daily benefit of up to $150 in the event of hospitalization.
  • A double daily benefit in the event of hospitalization in intensive care.
  • Up to $150 in the event of day surgery.
  • A daily recovery benefit when you leave the hospital.
  • A daily benefit if you stay in a rehabilitation centre.
  • A tax-free benefit if you are hospitalized in Canada.

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