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Filing a complaint

Filing a complaint

How do I file a complaint?

  1. First, get in touch with the department that served you.
  2. If you are not satisfied with that department's answer, you can file a complaint with Humania's Complaints Officer:

    Mr. Jean-Benoît Forgues
    Assistant Vice President, Legal Affairs and Compliance
    Humania Assurance Inc.
    1555 Girouard Street West
    St-Hyacinthe, Quebec  J2S 2Z6
    Telephone: 1-800-363-1334 ext. 263

    Your complaint must be made in writing, and "Complaint" must be written at the top of your letter, alternatively, you may use this complaint form

    Ms. Marie-Kim Larouche, Compliance Advisor, is available to help you file your complaint. You can call her at 1-800-363-1334, ext. 479 or email her at

How will my complaint be examined?

Any employee who receives a complaint must immediately forward it to the Complaints Officer. 

A complaint file is opened for each complaint by the Complaints Officer. This file includes all documents that are relevant to the examination of the complaint.

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you within five (5) days following receipt of your written complaint to inform you of the turnaround for complaint examination. If your complaint can’t be handled within ten (10) days following its receipt, the acknowledgement of receipt must include a notice concerning the client’s right to request the transfer of the complaint to the relevant authorities.

The Complaints Officer will handle your complaint in an impartial manner and keep you informed of your complaint examination and the response time, taking into account the potential need to obtain additional information from third parties to examine your complaint.

In response to your complaint, you will receive a letter indicating the following:

  • The decision regarding your complaint and the grounds for this decision;
  • The procedure for requesting that your file be transferred to regulatory authorities or other external organizations.

How are complaints registered with the regulatory authorities?

The Complaints Officer records and updates the information on complaints that meet the definition of that word.

A complaint is defined as follows: 

"For the purposes of the policy, a complaint is the expression of at least one of the following three elements:

  • A reproach against the registrant;
  • The identification of real or potential harm that a consumer has sustained or may sustain; or
  • A request for remedial action."

The Complaints Officer reports annually to the regulatory authorities on complaints made during the period in question.

Learn more about how Humania handles complaints with our full information page.
Learn more about how Humania handles complaints with our full information page.

You can also read our complete complaint policy here.

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