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Humania Assurance wins an award at the Mercuriades

April 20, 2018Individual insurance, group insurance and representatives

Humania Assurance won an award at the Mercuriades, the most prestigious business competition in Quebec. The company has excelled in the category that recognizes growth in productivity.

Once again, it's the HuGO web platform—developed by Humania Assurance and its IT subsidiary Survitech—that allowed the company to distinguish itself as one of the leaders in innovation in Quebec. With HuGO, Humania Assurance has become the first insurance company in Canada to use predictive analytics to make a final decision and not only stratify the risk. Whereas it used to take an average of 30 days to issue a complex life insurance contract, Humania Assurance now does it online in less than 45 minutes.


Photo credit: Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec


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