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Consumer Protection

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA)

Consumer Protection

CLHIA, established in 1894, is a voluntary trade association that represents the collective interests of its member life and health insurers. The Association membership accounts for 99 per cent of the life and health insurance in force in Canada and administers about two thirds of Canada’s pension plans:

The members adhere to the CLHIA Consumer Code of Ethics.

CLHIA makes available practical consumer guides on a wide range of life and health insurance products. The Consumer Publications contain useful information and advice on products, the kind of coverage available, how to select and deal with an intermediary, and many other practical tips. Available publications include guides to coordination of benefit, to life or disability insurance, and many more.


Consumer assistance

Consumers with questions of complaints can call the OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance (OLHI) for bilingual information and assistance. The OLHI is an independent service that provides free information about life and health insurance companies and insurance products and services as well as assistance with complaints.

We suggest that you read our complaint review policy before doing so.


Consumer protection in case of a failure

Assuris protects Canadian policyholders in the event that their life insurance company should fail.


Declaration of fair treatment

Humania Assurance follows the highest standards with respect to the fair treatment of consumers. We are committed to providing our clients with clear and comprehensive information, fair and equitable treatment, a diligent claims process, and strict protection of their personal information.

You can expect to receive clear information about your insurance policy, the coverage it provides, and the claims process. For more information, we encourage you to consult your insurance policy, talk to your financial advisor, browse our website, or feel free to ask us for explanations about your insurance coverage and policy obligations.

Should you wish to file a complaint about the service you received, do not hesitate to use the Humania Assurance complaint process.


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