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Group insurance

Explore our flexible, tailor-made solutions and comprehensive coverages for your business.

At Humania, we understand that every company is unique, and so are the insurance needs of its employees. That’s why we’ve designed flexible, customized solutions and comprehensive group insurance coverage to meet your specific requirements.

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Your Group Insurance Partner

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Insurance expertise and accessibility

Our commitment to the simplicity and accessibility of group insurance is reflected in our comprehensive range of coverage and services. Whether you run a small or large company, we have the right solution at a competitive price. Our extensive expertise enables us to customize your insurance plan to adapt to your needs and those of your employees.

Easy claims management

To facilitate the day-to-day management of group insurance plans, we provide you with high-performance tools for easy claims management. In addition, our group insurance solutions are constantly being optimized to offer an even simpler and more intuitive experience.

“My Humania” customer area

At Humania, we believe in offering our members a one-stop shop. That’s why we’ve created the “My Humania” customer area, where you can manage your insurance files online, make claims in just a few clicks, and much more.

More benefits for your employees

We’re proud to offer more than just group insurance. Our range of value-added coverage and services, such as Telemedicine, Compassionate Care Leave, Roadside Assistance, and many more, enhance your insurance plan and improve the lives of your employees.

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Our range of coverages and value-added services

pictogramme main et coeur Compassionate Care Leave

Possibility of taking a leave of absence to care for a loved one.


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pictogramme camion et voiture Roadside Assistance Program

Available 24 hours a day anywhere in Canada and the continental United States.


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Icon Teladoc Telemedicine Service

24/7 access to licensed physicians by telephone, video or online.


Icon Teladoc
pictogramme main et avion Travel Assistance and Cancellation

Travel Assistance and Trip cancellation up to $5,000 per proposed trip, per covered insured.


pictogramme main et avion
pictogramme os fracturé The Fracture Benefit

Receive up to $1,000 in the event of an accidental fracture.


pictogramme os fracturé
pictogramme tête et croix médicale PreZen+ | My Health Ally

Employee and Manager Assistance Program influencing the four pillars of global well-being: Physical, mental, social and financial health.


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pictogramme transformation Conversion Privilege

Convert your group coverage to individual insurance.

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pictogramme homme et colombe Survivor Benefit

Lump-sum payment that a beneficiary could receive in the event of the death of an insured employee who was receiving Long-Term Disability benefits.


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pictogramme dent et croix médicale Health and Dental Spending Budget

Reimbursement of expenses for health and dental care, devices or treatments not covered by the group insurance policy.


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Group Insurance Coverage Offer

Available Services
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Health Care Insurance
Dental Care Insurance
Survivor Benefit
Travel Assistance and Trip Cancellation Insurance
Online Claims Platform
Member Member and Dependents

Member: Insured employee (see contract definition)

* Use of the platform is limited to the member, but claims may be submitted for the member as well as his dependents.

The information presented above is general in nature and may vary by contract.

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