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Help with a disability claim in individual insurance

What is the assessment delay for a disability claim?

Upon receipt of your completed disability claim form, composed of three initial forms - Claimant statement, Policyholder statement and Attending physician statement - you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

A file will be opened and an analyst assigned to assess your claim will contact you within 10 days.

The analyst may ask for additional information before finalizing the assessment of your disability claim.

****If your policy was bought less than two years ago, please complete and sign the Authorization for disclosure of information.

How do I submit a disability claim?

Keep your original documents for your files. The only form requiring original documents is Humania Assurance's Standard Authorization.

You may submit your disability claim:

  • By email, at
  • By mail:
    Claims Department
    1555 Girouard Street West,
    Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
    J2S 2Z6
  • By fax at 1-877-660-2519

When should I submit my disability claim?

If your policy was bought less than two years ago:

  • as soon as possible from the first day of absence if you think your work stoppage will last beyond your contractual waiting period.

If your policy was bought more than two years ago:

  • 2 weeks before the end of the waiting period stipulated in your contract.

When will I be paid?

If you meet the definition of disability as well as other requirements of your insurance contract, you will receive disability benefits. Payments are due following the waiting period stipulated in your insurance policy. Payments will depend on the type of your disability.

Short-term disability benefits are paid every two weeks.

Long-term disability benefits are paid on a monthly basis at the end of each month.

How do I subscribe to direct deposit?

You must complete and sign the Direct deposit form and send it to us with a copy of your check specimen.

  • By mail:
    Humania Assurance Inc.
    1555, Girouard Street West, 
    St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
    J2S 2Z6
  • By email, at
  • By fax: 1-844-704-7400

What are my responsibilities as an insured person?

It is your responsibility to stay in contact with your analyst while your disability claim is in effect.

You must inform your analyst of any change in your medical condition during the course of your disability claim.

You must also provide all the documents your analyst requests, be they medical (clinical notes, X-rays or specialist reports), financial (from CSST), or administrative (medical history form).

What are Humania Assurance's responsibilities?

It is our responsibility to keep you informed at each step of your disability claim procedure and to explain any of our decisions.

It is also our job to keep your personal and medical information confidential.

When you feel fit to return to work, whenever it is appropriate and possible, we will work with you and your employer to make any necessary accommodations to your work schedule or duties.

What medical information is used to assess my claim?

Requests for medical information for assessment of your disability claim may include:

  • Clinical notes from your family doctor;
  • A consultation report from a specialist;
  • Progress reports from any of your health professionals such as a psychologist or a physiotherapist;
  • Results from your medical exams;
  • Your hospitalization report (if you have been hospitalized);
  • An independent medical evaluation requested by Humania Assurance;
  • Results from interventions carried out by a rehabilitation consultant, mandated by Humania Assurance.

Do I need to keep paying my insurance premiums?

Yes, it is important to continue paying your insurance premiums.

If Humania Assurance recognizes your disability, and your insurance policy includes a waiver of premiums provision for some of your coverages, you may be entitled to a premium waiver. In this case, your premium waiver would begin after the waiting period stipulated in your contract. Any overpayment of premiums will also be reimbursed. For further information, please review your insurance policy.

How can I speed up the processing of my disability claim?

Make sure to complete, sign and attach all of the sections of the document required for your claim.

  1. Claimant statement
  2. Policyholder statement
  3. Attending physician statement and any necessary medical information (consultation report, progress notes or reports, medical exam results, hospitalization report, etc.)
  4. Humania Assurance's Standard Authorization.


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