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With HuGO, you can have it all

October 24, 2016Assurance individuelle, représentants

Humania Assurance launches HuGO Life Insurance

Since October 24, Humania Assurance offers a new term life insurance product: HuGO. The product stands out for its quality, its competitive price and its quick process, where the majority will be insured in 15 to 45 minutes.

The main features of HuGO:


  • Save time: majority insured on the spot (more than 65%) in less than 45 minutes. Many in 15 minutes or less.
  • Personalized underwriting, no automatic requirements up to $1M.
  • Web based, paper free, no application signature.


  • Various terms to meet all life insurance needs.
  • Flexibility: Renewable, Convertible, Exchangeable.
  • Up to $5M.


  • Competitive.
  • Two renewal options: Gold and Platinum.

Consult the product page to get more information.


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