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Kim Oliphant is the new Vice-President, Sales & Marketing of Humania Assurance

June 8, 2016Individual insurance, group insurance and representatives

Humania Assurance is proud to announce the nomination of Mrs. Kim Oliphant as Vice-President, Sales & Marketing of Humania Assurance. Mrs. Oliphant was chosen among several candidates for her advanced knowledge in personal insurance, particularly in living benefits, one of Humania Assurance’s specialities. Furthermore, Mrs. Oliphant is one of the most respected and recognized professional in the network of financial advisors and managers of distribution firms, valuable partners for Humania Assurance.

With a remarkable worksheet in sales positions and top management positions with several insurers, she will be given the responsibility for the development, the marketing and distribution of our products, placing her at the heart of strategic issues for the company, whether it is for the positioning of Humania Assurance in the Canadian scene, or developing distribution strategies with our partners. In this respect, she will support advisors in taking the important turn to answer the consumers’ demand to buy their financial products on electronic platforms.

Mrs. Oliphant started her new functions on June 6th.


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