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A more accessible application for representatives

July 14, 2016Representatives
Une proposition plus accessible pour les représentants

Submitting applications will now be more accessible with the Numbered PDF Application, a novelty for Humania Assurance.

Disability, life and Critical Illness Insurance Application and P.A.G.E. Application are now available in PDF format on our website and our extranet platform!

Download your numbered applications now!

The same application, with some exceptions…

  • Fill it on the screen;
  • The underwrittig requirements will be ordered by Humania Assurance up on receipt of the application ;
  • Print it out and have it signed;
  • Finally, send it to us in the usual way.

You can always obtain the printed application at your firm or via the Request form on our extranet.

IMPORTANT: Each application is individually numbered and may only be used once. You must download a new numbered application for every individual insured. As the Disability, Life and Critical Illness Insurance Application is a multi-product application, you may use one application for multiple policies on the same insured (see Instructions for the Advisor in the Insurance application).

For any questions on the document, please refer to the Instructions for the Advisor in the Insurance application.


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