Income Insurance


Accident only income replacement plan for all occupations.

Income Insurance – Accident is accessible for everyone

Help your clients protect their income with disability insurance that covers them in the event of an accident or musculoskeletal injury

 Target market

  • Self-employed workers and business owners
  • Seasonal and part-time workers, students, and retirees
  • People who have insurability issues related to their health, lifestyle, or occupation
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Photo homme jambe plâtre
What makes us stand out


  • 100% Web solution
  • Without medical exam
  • Instant issue
  • Monthly credit card payment option available with no extra fees
  • 20-Year Return of Premium (50%, 75% and 100%)
  • Only one health question
  • No occupation refused

Built-in features

Icône hospitalisation 1st Day Hospitalization

Included for Waiting Period of 90 days or less.

Icône Exonération Partial Disability

Covered up to 6 months.

Icône calendrier Integration and Coordination

Up to $2,500 per month for 36 months.

Icône cinq Level Premium

to age 65 including a premium guarantee for the first 5 years.

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Main features

  • Issue age: 18 to 69 years
  • Offer for unemployed, part-time, seasonal workers, students and retirees:$1,000/month
  • No limitations for home-based and self-employed workers
  • More flexible rules for temporary residents
  • No proof of income required at application
  • Renewal: guaranteed to age 100
  • Employment Stability Discount available
  • Competitive pricing
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Guides and documents

For more information on PROHEALTH – Income Insurance Accident, please view documents below:

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