Hospitalization Insurance


Support for clients while they’re in hospital

Insurance that helps your client pay the personal cost of hospitalization

Did you know that during a hospitalization due to an accident or illness, some expenses are not covered by group insurance or Provincial Health Plan? That’s why Humania offers insurance that provides a daily benefit to help cover the cost of expenses such as a private or semi-private room, or the fees for nursing services received during their recovery period.

Target market

  • Young retirees
  • Baby boomers
  • Self-employed workers
  • Clients without group insurance
Photo Homme hospitalisé
Photo Homme hospitalisé


  • 21 eligibility questions (verifiable online)
  • Issued instantly
  • No medical exam required
  • Digital contracts
  • Monthly credit card payment option available with no extra fees
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Main features

  • Issue age: 15 days to age 80
  • Available benefits: $25 to $150 per day
  • Premiums: Not guaranteed
  • Available options: Accident or Accident and Sickness
  • Duration of contract: Automatic renewal up to age 100
  • No limit on the number of days in hospital
  • Double daily benefit for hospitalization in intensive care
  • Covers day surgery
  • Daily recovery benefit after discharge from hospital
  • Daily benefit for stay in a rehabilitation center
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Guides and documents

For more information on PROHEALTH – Hospitalization Insurance, please download and review the documents below:

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