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FormsNeeds analysis for critical illness insurance

Needs analysis for critical illness insurance

Expenses related to illness Total amount
Debt repayment (amount owing on mortgage, credit cards, loans, etc.  $
Medical expenses (any treatment not covered, special care, treatment outside the country, private nurse, etc.)  $
Special expenses (home upkeep, childcare, children's education, companion, home improvements, etc.)  $
Convalescence expenses (leave of absence, convalescence trip, etc.)  $
Loss of income (reduction in work hours, early retirement, change of career, etc.)  $
Income replacement for a person who sustains a loss of income in order to care for the sick person.  $
Readaptation Rehabilitation or retraining  $
Others  $
Expenses for business owners
Replacement of key employee (wages and benefits)  $
Loss of operating income  $
Purchase of shares or buyout of associates' shares  $
Business expenses (loan repayments, etc.)  $
Others  $
Total amount needed 0.00 $

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