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Name of document Click on links for a preview Quantity
Application for Disability (Life and Critical Illness Insurance) 4100-056
Children360 insurance
Complete Children360 Kit - Maximum of 30 6050-027-en
Flyer Children360 6050-049-en
HuGO Life
Insured's Flyer - HuGO 6050-113-en
Advisor's Flyer - HuGO 6050-112-en
HuGO Debt Insurance 6050-096-en
Prodige Kit (empty folder) 4400-088
Complete Prodige Kit - Maximum of 30 4400-088
Product Guide - Prodige 4400-090
Critical Illness Guide Prodige 4400-091
Brochure Prodige 4400-092
Brochure Street Wise ** 4400-029
Folder Policy ($17.65 taxes included/unit) - Minimum of 10
Return Envelopes 4 x 9
Return Envelopes 5 3/4 x 9 5/8
Return Envelopes 9 x 12
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