March 15, 2019
Humania Assurance - Newsletter

Dear Partner, 

Our disability products were designed in a context where long-term performance of the investment of premiums were considerably higher than today. In this context, the capital and return on investment was sufficient to provide for future claims. Considering that the long-term performance is not showing any signs of recovery, we are proceeding with a slight increase in premiums.

Therefore, starting May 1, 2019, at their renewals, the premiums of all disability and debt protections for our in force portfolio (except IWME disability, IWME debt, and HuGO debt) will be subject to a 4,5% increase, with no effect on administrative fees. Please note that if your client’s policy includes a return of premium, the increase will be taken into account at the term of the policy or reimbursement period.

Considering the low monthly impact of this adjustment, we are convinced that the clients owning a policy with a disability and/or debt protection still have in their possession a product of great value for money.

The Sales and Marketing Team

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