The disability insurance for entrepreneurs
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Disability Insurance for entrepreneurs P.A.I.E.

Business owners are essential to the functioning of their company. In the event of a disability, P.A.I.E. reimburses the business overhead expenses the Insured can no longer afford during his or her disability.

Eligible overhead expenses

  • Interest on business debts
  • Public utilities (electricity, heating, etc.)
  • Lease or loan payments for equipment
  • Rental or mortgage payments for property
  • And many more!
Plan ahead
Plan ahead

Who is P.A.I.E. for?

You are the owner of a commercial business including retail and catering with 14 employees or less? P.A.I.E. was made for you!

Three riders are available to complete your policy: Partial Disability, Guaranteed Insurability and Occupational HIV.

This product is available for individuals aged 18 to 60 years old for level premium and 18 to 50 years old for 10-year premium.

Contact your financial security advisor to get more information on a disability insurance tailored to your needs.

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